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Our Services

Pile Production

Pile Production

Fabrication / manufacturing Reinforced-Concrete piles (RC-piles).

Square Concrete Piles; SCP-20, SCP-25, SCP-30, SCP-35, SCP-40.

Triangular Concrete Piles; TCP-28 & TCP-32.

RC-piles ready stocks.


Pile Foundation Installation

Impact hammer system (driven piles)

Hydraulic static system (jacking piles)





Pile Foundation Strengthening (Underpining)

Hydraulic static with counter-weight system

Hydraulic static with anchoring system




Structural Strengthening

Structural Strengthening

Steel plate covering & grouting system

Chemical bonding & wrapping

External pre-stressing

Site Load Testing

Site Load Testing

Static Load Testing:
Axial compressive load testing
Uplifting tensile load testing
Lateral load testing
Plate / slab load testing.

Site Dynamic Testing

Site Dynamic Testing

Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) test

Pile Integrity Test (PIT)

We take great pride in our delivery to the clients, assuring that only the experienced professional and qualified people are serving them.We look forward to being part of your team in solving your substructures engineering challanges in a timely, high quality, efficient and a cost effective manner.

Project Experiences

As a pile foundation specialist, PT. DUASIA has successfully completed varied projects for a diverse range of clients, including national and international companies in Indonesia. The success of working with the demands of leading clients as a partner in construction has resulted in a reputation for high quality,safety and environmentally friendly results. Through this opportunity, we would like to deliver our thanks and appreciation to all of our valued customers for a strong support and good cooperation as well as your continued trust in our services, which inspire us to continually growing and giving better service in the years to come.

Since our establishment in 1993, we have accomplished more than 2000 various projects throughout the country.


To be a respectable professional company delivering high quality results beyond customers’ expectation.



To carry out all the trusted projects with a highcommitment to get results in the right way, i.e. by applying knowledge and innovative technologies wisely and responsibly to ensures that all projects meet the highest degree of our customers’ requirement.

Today, the company has invested in a 25,000 m2 of production plant to support our in-house pile manufacturing and stock yards, as well as our equipment development and maintenance work-shop. The company has also invested in the development of better piling technologies with a complete set of equipment that enable us to meet operational demands and to take on the role of construction requirement in this country, especial-ly in pile foundation applications. The past 20 years’ progress and achievement has witnessed that our strength comes from a team of highly skilled, high integrity, well experienced professional people and dedicated engineers, which is supported by a complete set of high-techequipment. By means of a continuous improve-ment and innovation in manufacturing and construction techniques, our team of experienced professionals is strongly committed to provide our valued clients with high quality products and com-prehensive services - today and in the future.

Our Partners

We recognize that in order to provide an optimal service to our clients, we need to develop a mutually cooperation and networking with other professional partners to strengthen our company further. Moreover, in some occasions we need a mutually cooperation with other reputable piling companies who have the same commitment to support each other to provide our clients with high quality products and services - such as a joint-operation for executing a large scale project. By developing our networking and strengths focusing on cooperation instead of competition, we keep the ecology of the business world diverse and healthy. We have to work together to be a team in solving substructures engineering challenges in a timely, high quality, efficient and a cost effective manner.
Some of our valued professional partners who fully support us with high quality products and comprehensive services are:

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